Giving with an open heart

Giving with an open heart

I have been a tutor at the School of Practical Philosophy for 15 years. As such I was often asked by my students how to achieve wisdom, good judgement, calmness, and happiness.

These are difficult questions to answer in a sentence or two. In fact, it takes 10 weeks of the Introductory Philosophy course to even start to uncover the elements that make up such an inquiry, and years of practice of wisdom systems that reveal how to accomplish these goals. These wisdom systems are based on the philosophy of Advaita or Non-Duality, a branch of Hindu philosophy.  Interestingly, there are classical Greek schools of thought that mirror Advaita philosophy, and I enjoy investigating them also.

In classes, I shared with my students how I put into practice the teachings I have learned.  When faced with a situation that needs action on my part, I would often ask myself, “Who am I, really?” or “What would a wise man or woman do in this situation?” Bringing the mind and body to stillness allows answers and solutions to surface, and I remain at peace.

The School has many other practices like meditation and awareness exercises that also help bring more stillness into my life.  Knowledge gained through reading and discussing wisdom texts of sages is also critical to this process of maintaining inner balance.

Another practice that brings inner peace and stillness to me is providing service to others. With full service, nothing is expected in return and it is all freely given with an open heart.

About the Author

Bill Wolodarsky is a member of The School of Practical Philosophy in Toronto since 2008.



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