Special Events

Plato's Meet-Up

Considered by many philosophers the most important book in the Western philosophical tradition, Plato’s “Republic” is also the most misunderstood book in the Western tradition. This Meetup seeks to uncover the hidden mysteries of Plato’s Republic by employing Socratic dialogue and reading together key passages of the “Republic.”

Plato’s dialogues are designed to be read in a group setting. For Plato, reading the “Republic” was a “philosophical exercise” that aimed to produce transformative insights in the reader and cultivate the wellbeing of the reader. This Meetup is facilitated by three seasoned Practical Philosophers from the School who, through years of Socratic dialogue and study, have penetrated through some common misunderstandings of this philosophical masterpiece.” Join us in the beautiful building of The School of Practical Philosophy for a lively engagement in Socratic dialogue and for deep philosophical exploration. There will be three sessions for reading together Plato’s “Republic.”

We will hand out photocopies of key passages of Plato’s “Republic,” which we will read.

Sessions: Saturday June 1st, June 8th and June 15th at 1:30 pm

Venue: The School of Practical Philosophy, 29 Madison Avenue, close to the Spadina TTC station.

All are welcome!