“People who live in the senses think that they are enjoying life.  Only those who are filled with divine bliss really enjoy life.” – Swami Brahmananda

SPECIAL FALL EVENT – Ancient Wisdom in a Twitter World Symposium on October 26th

Find out about our Fall 2019 Program, philosophy classes starting the week of September 9, 2019

Welcome to
the School
of Practical

If you are looking to meet with like-minded people who are seeking to discover the real purpose of life, then the School of Practical Philosophy is for you.  If you want to experience collective moments of unity then the School of Practical Philosophy is for you.  If you relish insight guided by the words and lives of wise and enlightened men and women of all backgrounds, then the School of Practical Philosophy is for you.

The School offers a space where one can intentionally continue their spiritual development. It is where understanding, compassion, and fine knowledge converge to reveal self-knowledge and inner wisdom.  It is where one can build self-confidence by confirming the unity that exists in diversity and the constancy that persists through change.

About Us

The School of Practical Philosophy in Toronto was established in 1976 to serve the needs of those who want to live happily while having a positive influence on society.  

Our Philosophy

According to the Advaita tradition, there is only “One Self”.  In daily living, we observe that change is all around us, but the non-judgemental, peaceful Self simply observes.  It is always present.  

Philosophy Works!

Philosophy Works! is the prerequisite 10-week course.  It offers participants a golden opportunity to explore timeless, yet deeply reflective questions in a beautiful space filled with like-minded people.