Service in the School is spiritual as well as practical. The School offers students a practical approach to peace and happiness by way of the three fold path of action, devotion or love and wisdom.

The spiritual aspect of this service is most significant and transformative. Service provides the vital link between action, knowledge and devotion. When service is carried out with devoted mind, heart and speech, then the physical and subtle aspects of the being begin to be purified. This leads towards a practical experience of Advaita and this experience can be found in all facets of one’s life.

The Three Fold Path

The School offers students a practical approach to uncovering the individual’s true nature. It is the 3-fold path of action, devotion or love and wisdom, designed to meet the needs of each individual.   Some people are more physically inclined, some of us are more emotionally inclined and some of us are more intellectually inclined. The 3 fold path makes full use of one’s natural inclination and this leads to maximization of one’s potential.

In terms of Action, the School offers instruction in the ancient art of single pointed attention when engaged in physical and mental work.

In terms of Devotion or Love, the School offers students the opportunity to serve others and teach the principles of true service.

In terms of Wisdom, the School offers guided study groups which uses materials that has its foundation in 5,000 years of wisdom.


The School draws on the wisdom of ancient philosophers such as Hermes, Socrates, Sri Shantananda Saraswati, and many more.  As students continue on their journey, the study of scriptures and writings of the wise are referenced.  Plato/Socrates, Ficino, and Shakespeare are studied along with the Gita, the Upanishads the Bible and other relevant texts.  These studies, coupled with students’ real world observations, set the stage for lively discussions which lead to personal insights and spiritual growth. Inspired by both the Eastern concept of Advaita (a Sanskrit word meaning non-duality) and Western philosophical principles, the School is dedicated to assisting individuals in understanding the world in which we live as each individual seeks answers to the big questions: “Who am I” or “What am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose in this life?” and such.