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St. Catharines Schedule

 Spring schedule

The Celebration continues as Philosophy Works! is a gift to you – no regular fee, just a $15 non-refundable administration fee

Classes start in the week of April 16th, 2018


Philosophy Works! runs for 10 weeks

All other courses run for 11 weeks


Early Bird: $165.00 until April 16th, 2018

Seniors Students Regular
$ 150 (with ID) $ 90 (with ID) $ 180



Group Day                Time
 Philosophy & Love Wednesday  7 – 9 pm


“The generosity of the universe is limitless. Just reflect on all of the warmth, light, moisture and nourishment living things get from the sun, trace elements from the earth and of course the air that we breathe. The cycle of giving and taking is what keeps us connected and sustained. Despite one’s station in life, the universe gives – generously. Yet, we squander. We often take the gifts of love, compassion and sharing, for granted. Let us resolve in the coming weeks to acknowledge the generosity of the universe and ultimately the Source of it all. Let us resolve to give thanks every time we remember.”