Apply philosophical principles to everyday living

    The School of Philosophy offers a program of courses that assist you in taking great philosophical principles and applying them to your everyday life. Courses are designed for people who live and work in the real world and want to make sense of their place in it.

    Course content is based on a simple principle: In each of us there is a deep and limitless well that is the source of happiness, love, truth and wisdom. If we want our lives to be inspired by these qualities, we need to gain access to that well. We draw on the writings of great thinkers such as Plato, Ghandi, Ficino, Shakespeare, Emerson and others to guide our journeys.

    Each class is made up of 10 weekly meetings led by experienced tutors who act as facilitators. The curriculum was developed using sound adult learning principles, where discussion, reflection and sharing are used to assist you in arriving at your own answers.

    All courses are accessible to any who are sincerely interested in pursuing the big questions of life, regardless of ethnic or religious background.

    No academic preparation is required. There are no readings. Your only homework will involve applying philosophical questions to your life and thoughts. No one will tell you the answers; no one will judge your steps. And you will have good company along the way.

    The Program Structure

    The Introductory course provides a well-rounded exploration of the basic principles of the School’s curriculum. The Courses that follow expand on these ideas, and encourage the student to continue to develop tested practices introduced in the first term.

    Some students enjoy the first course and go no further, while others continue attending classes for longer periods.

    The fullest benefits of the program are experienced when students practice meditation. Meditation can be taken up at any time. It is introduced in a gentle manner by a specially trained expert. Support for the practice of meditation is available in the weeks and months that follow. With meditation as part of one’s life, heart and mind become uncluttered, and understanding deepens.

    Meditating students are invited to Study Days and Study Weekends which afford penetrating scriptural examination, and practical application of inspired guidance.

    Prerequisite Philosophy Works!
    Foundation Courses Happiness Love Presence of Mind Freedom
    The Way of Action Philosophy of Devotion Philosophy of Knowledge Way of the Householder
    With Meditation — Intermediate Philosophy The Desire for Truth The 10-Fold Dharma Measure Sanskara, Action, Work & Service
    The Apology The Antahkarana The Unfolding of Consciousness The Philosophy Behind Language
    The Law of Three  The Five Kośa  The Octave  Sounding
    With Meditation & Satsanga Retreats – Senior Level Philosophy Senior Level Studies Conversations with His Holiness The Bahagavad Gita The Teaching of Reality
    Middle Level Studies Reflection  Sanskrit  The Upanishads
    Special courses Offered based on the availability of instructors and student interest