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In a spring like no other, where we are kept indoors rather than out. How do we find happiness? How do we find peace in our thoughts? Join us to learn about how the teachings and ancient wisdom can help us find happiness. REGISTER TODAY

Welcome to the School of Practical Philosophy

Spring Program 2020

This spring brings unique challenges to bring together good company.

In response to the threat of COVID-19, we will continue to practice social distancing. Thus, all classes and events will take place online.

All classes will take place on the Zoom Platform.

Spring Online courses are underway, and continue until the end of June. 

Philosophy Works!

Philosophy & Happiness

Philosophy & Freedom

I Level Philosophy – The 5 Koshas

M Level Philosophy – Supporting & Strengthening the Desire for Truth

S Level Philosophy

Conversations Class

Letters of Marsilio Ficino

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Refine your thinking, open your mind 

Practical Philosophy

Practical Philosophy is the use of philosophy and philosophical techniques in everyday life.  By putting Eastern and Western philosophical principles into practice, students experience the value of self-knowledge and the true nature of happiness.

"The main reason I joined the course was to see if I could learn to relax, as there was always some part of me that was tense and ready for action, whether I was reading a book, writing a letter, talking to a friend or just sitting in a room. I am now learning to dispel the stress and am learning to relax my mind and body, instead of living the flight or fight phase that I have lived with all my life."

Practical Philosophy is for those who want to:

Broaden  their perspective to experience life more deeply;

Expand the meaning and understanding of their own life;

Explore Eastern and Western Philosophies;

Discover wisdom and freedom in the present moment;

Connect with a spiritual community of like-minded individuals.


Bloggers’ corner 

Ancient Wisdom in a Twitter World    

Whenever someone talks about something that they really love, that person often expresses their ideas with raw passion. The listener sees the brightness of the Self shining through the presenter’s eyes, hears the warmth of the Self in every word said, and feels the unity of the Self in that moment. Read more


”Oh lovers, where are you going? Who are you looking for? Your beloved is right here”Rumi